My Muse…?

As the soft sounds of Birdy’s cover of “Skinny Love” croons into the past-midnight air, I question my intentions.  What the hell am I doing here?  Why am I trying to do this?  I am not the blogging type.  I have tried countless times to create something worth keeping up with.  And yet, in the end I always falter.  The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result each time.  I think I may be in-blog-sane.  But like any run-of-the-mill insane person might say, “This time will be different.  I just know it.”

Seeing as I am a (very, very) recent duel-degree holder–with my BA in English Literature and my MA in Creative Writing–one would think that blogging would be my specialty.  But I can never find the right reason towards a post.  And as I lie in by bed–and Google lay vs lie, even though it still confounds me after all my studies–I have a sudden desire to finish writing my dissertation novel.

Although it is nothing more than the first 10,000 words to a contemporary Young Adult novel now, I have the need to finish it.  I have been working on this idea for a little over a year, and thanks to the dissertation, I have a plan.  There’s an outline, chapter breakdowns, and characters I have begun to know and love.  And that is when I realize I have found my muse.  My reasoning to keep this blog going.  I need to write for my characters.  They have a story that needs to be told.  And as of right now, they are barely through the first act.

I feel a sense of pride welling up within me as I begin ticking through my mental list what I want to be done within my story and thank God it is a Friday night, which only means that Saturday can be spent writing.

From one librocubicularist to another, I bid you goodnight.


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