Strangers Reading on a Train

This week something really awkward happened to me.  And yes, awkward things happen to me all the time, but this was Awkward with a capital A.  I was on a very crowded train and had to stand, which is fine, but there weren’t any poles to hold onto available so I had to reach for one of those top rails.  And seeing that I am super short, this was a) difficult to do and b) hurting my arm.  Add the fact that I was doing this and reading a book only added to my struggle.

At the next stop, a guy came on the train and wedged his way next to me.  He too was reading, and holding onto the rail above our heads.  As the car got more and more crowded, we got closer and closer until we were practically cover-to-cover.  We were also doing this awkward dance where we would shift from side to side so that although it was way too crowded, we still were able to read.

We were doing the reading robot.

At each stop I would let go of the bar, allowing my arm to rest.  The guy next to me would look at me, and he had that whole dorky-cute thing going for him so I would smile back at him.  But one of the times I had to put my arm back up, I may have accidentally grabbed his hand.

I was mortified.  We locked eyes and he could see the color draining from my face.  But then I played it cool with the whole, That didn’t just happen. Lets just keep reading our books look.  It didn’t work. Worse, when I got off at my stop, he did too.  And when I got on the next train, he did too.  And when I was cornered in the back of the cart, he was too.  I couldn’t get away from him.  He was a permanent reminder of my awkward moment.

And that is why I have no friend.


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